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A science based nutritional approach to health and wellness.

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Do you feel tired or sick but are always told "Everything is normal"? Maybe you have a diagnosis but want to find the root cause and how to heal instead of just taking medication. Information is empowering... just knowing why you have a symptom or disorder can be freeing! Our personalized Functional Health Analysis provides clients with the resources they need to understand their body, what's happening below the surface and get their health on track. We review current symptoms and conditions to find the root cause then work to resolve the problem rather than just treat symptoms. Fill out the "contact us" form at the bottom of the page or email to get started. Most analyses can be done in 1-2 visits at our Fort Collins office, online or even over the phone. There is an option to do labs if the client wishes but it is not necessary for the analysis and not included the cost.

Initial 90 min visit $275, 30 min follow ups as needed $100

Test Tubes


We offer lab testing for genetic enzyme traits, food allergies and sensitivities. These can help immensely at discovering the root causes of disease and symptoms. 

IGG Food Sensitivity -

Nutrition Genome -  

Herbal Medicine


Depleted soils and longer storage times decrease the vitamin content of food. This leads to deficiencies which can cause symptoms and diseases. In combination with a healthy diet, supplementation with pharmaceutical grade vitamins goes along to rectify deficiencies and decrease and/or resolve associated symptoms. One of the biggest ones I see is Magnesium deficiency which can be responsible for a large amount of sleep, mood and GI symptoms. All patients will be provided with a private account in which they can purchase pharmaceutical grade supplements at a discounted rate. One of the perks of workings with a functional medicine practitioner is that you get access to third party verified, pharmaceutical grade supplements at a discounted price. The office's online wellness store -



A complete diet analysis that uncovers the foods that are helping you meet your goals and the ones sabotaging it. We look at deficiencies in the diet and correlate these to symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety or insomnia. This can be as easy as snapping a picture of your food on an app linked to your chart or can be a written in a daily food log. Apps like my fitness pal and spark people can also easily be used.
3-5 Day Analysis $199
6-10 Day Analysis $299



Ketogenic dieting is a great way to get the body to burn fat, as opposed to sugar, for fuel. This helps you to loose weight, reverse blood sugar issues and increase cognitive function. The problem is that many people preform the diet the wrong way, encouraging inflammation and harming the body. Some people, especially certain populations of women, may benefit more and have better weightloss from non-ketogenic low carb diet.

Learn how to do to the right way!


$249 for an initial 90 minute consult and ketogenic instruction 

$199/hr for as needed diet coaching

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This service is geared to better meet the needs of clients with busy lifestyles. It saves you the commuting time and allows flexibility with scheduling such as on your break, during lunch or in the evenings. Consultations can be done over the phone or via zoom. They can be quick 15 minute ("I just a have few simple questions"), 30 minutes ("I have a couple more complex questions") or 60 minutes ("I have symptoms or disease process that I need assistance with"). Request a virtual consult via the "contact us" box at the bottom of the page. Please put down the reason for the consult and the time you feel you will need.

15 minutes - $50, 30 minutes -$100, 60 minutes $199

On the Scales


- Detailed look at root cause of weight issue
- Goal setting
- Diet analysis
- Food plan with grocery list
$350 for intro two hour consult then $99/20-30min follow ups

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In my nursing career I had the privileged of being the main care provider in a renowned aesthetic clinic for many years. I discovered the power of nutrition for skincare and in anti-aging treatments. Find out how simple beautiful skin can be when looked at from the inside out. Did you know laxity and redness can be linked to diet and gut health? Even acne is strongly linked to diet and deficiencies in certain minerals. Come in for a skin evaluation, suggested dietary and supplement regiment  complete with before and after pictures.

$199 for one hour visit

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